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splendour of the seas FAQ

splendour of the seas
What cruise line splendour of the seas belongs to?
Royal Caribbean International

Does splendour of the seas sail to europe?
Yes, browse europe cruises

Do I need a passport?
Passports are required for all U.S. citizens to take a splendour of the seascruise aboard a foreign-flagged ship after December 31, 2006. If your splendour of the seas ship departs prior to December 31, 2006 and returns after that date, you will still be required to travel with a passport. Some countries on your itinerary may also require a visa for entry. Citizens must contact the consulate or embassy representing the country that issued your passport. U.S. Citizens traveling aboard U.S.-flagged vessels in Hawaii and Alaska can board the ship without a passport, however, valid proof if identity is still required. U.S. flagged vessels include, but are not limited to, Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of Aloha, Pride of America and Pride of Hawaii and most CruiseWest ships.

Can I extend my cruise vacation?
BookVacationTrip.com specializes in vacation packages. You can build your own splendour of the seas trip by adding flights, pre and post hotels, tours in every port of call, book car rental and much more.

Do you offer cruise discounts for seniors?
Royal Caribbean International offer special discounts on select splendour of the seas sailings to Book Vacation Trip customers who are 55 or older. Some times offers not available online. Feel free to call or send email to info@bookVacationTrip.com to get special discounts for seniors on board splendour of the seas You can always send us request for splendour of the seas and one of our experienced travel agents will contact you. Only one passenger per cabin on splendour of the seas must be at least 55 in order to gain the discount for everyone in the room. The Royal Caribbean International will require proof of age in order to qualify for age 55+ discounts.

How do I book a splendour of the seas cruise?
Planning a cruise could be sometimes complicated. However, you can book your splendour of the seas online with BookVacationTrip.com. With BookVacationTrip.com uniq booking engine clients can build vacation packages with few clicks. Whether you adding a flight or trying to stay in Orlando with your kids for an extra day or two we can help. Just pick a cruise category and select flights. Then add add pre-stay or post hotel stay to your splendour of the seas vacation. Pick Car Tab and add rental from airport or to hotel. You can do it in few clicks. Not only it is easy and fast, it also will save you money when you book more than a cruise.
There are 90 splendour of the seas cruises available. Which one to book?

First question you have to answer is
when do you want to go? September 16 2011, September 26 2011, October 07 2011, October 17 2011, November 25 2011, December 09 2011, December 11 2011, December 15 2011, December 18 2011, December 22 2011, December 30 2011, January 07 2012, January 15 2012, January 22 2012, January 29 2012, February 05 2012, February 12 2012, February 19 2012, February 26 2012, March 04 2012, March 11 2012, March 18 2012, March 25 2012, March 29 2012, March 30 2012, April 01 2012, April 02 2012, April 05 2012, April 06 2012, April 09 2012, April 22 2012, April 28 2012, April 29 2012, May 05 2012, May 06 2012, May 12 2012, May 13 2012, May 19 2012, May 20 2012, May 26 2012, May 27 2012, June 02 2012, June 03 2012, June 09 2012, June 10 2012, June 16 2012, June 17 2012, June 23 2012, June 24 2012, June 30 2012, July 01 2012, July 07 2012, July 08 2012, July 13 2012, July 14 2012, July 21 2012, July 22 2012, July 28 2012, July 29 2012, August 04 2012, August 05 2012, August 11 2012, August 12 2012, August 18 2012, August 19 2012, August 25 2012, August 26 2012, September 01 2012, September 02 2012, September 08 2012, September 09 2012, September 15 2012, September 16 2012, September 22 2012, September 23 2012, September 29 2012, September 30 2012, October 06 2012, October 07 2012, October 13 2012, October 14 2012, October 20 2012, October 21 2012, October 27 2012, October 28 2012, November 03 2012, November 04 2012, November 10 2012, November 11 2012, November 17 2012,
How Long? 2-Night cruise, 3-Night cruise, 4-Night cruise, 5-Night cruise, 6-Night cruise, 7-Night cruise, 8-Night cruise, 10-Night cruise, 11-Night cruise, 13-Night cruise, 14-Night cruise, Not less important which one of splendour of the seas destinations to visit? europe, other, south america, transatlantic, Do you need airfare or you close to following departure ports: BARCELONA - SPAIN, BARI - ITALY, LISBON - PORTUGAL, SAO PAULO (SANTOS) - BRAZIL, VENICE - ITALY, Start booking splendour of the seas now! vacation.

Is splendour of the seas the only Royal Caribbean International cruise ship?
Royal Caribbean International fleet: adventure of the seas    allure of the seas    brilliance of the seas    enchantment of the seas    explorer of the seas    freedom of the seas    grandeur of the seas    independence of the seas    jewel of the seas    legend of the seas    liberty of the seas    majesty of the seas    mariner of the seas    monarch of the seas    navigator of the seas    nordic empress    oasis of the seas    radiance of the seas    rhapsody of the seas    serenade of the seas    sovereign of the seas    splendour of the seas    vision of the seas    voyager of the seas   


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